Senator IAN MACDONALD (Queensland) (15:24): Senator Cameron seems confident about his government's carbon tax proposal, which will put increased costs of living upon every Australian. If he is so confident, let us have an election about it. If you want to go the whole hog, let us have a double dissolution. Let's go for it, Senator Cameron. If you believe what you say, get out there and ask the people of Australia what they think about the lies of your leader, Julia Gillard, who promised us just a year ago, hand on heart, 'There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.' Here we are a year later debating the carbon tax, which is going to destroy the Australian economy for no benefit whatsoever. Senator Cameron might tell me I am wrong. After all these taxes on every Australian, by how much are you going to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 Even your government's own modelling shows that carbon emissions will go up, not down. Senator Cameron walks out of the chamber because he cannot answer that, because he knows that what I am saying is a truthful reproduction of the Commonwealth government's own modelling.

My own state of Queensland todayas Senator Mason asked about in question timehave done their own modelling. Even they are saying what an impact it is going to have on the Queensland economy. The Queensland state Labor government has done modelling that shows it is bad, the New South Wales state government has done modelling that shows it is bad, the Western Australian state government has done modelling that shows it is bad and the Commonwealth government has done modelling that also shows it is bad.

Senator Cameron talks about the world heating up. Senator Cameron, you have not been following the debate. They do not talk about global warming anymore. It is climate change, remember, not global warming. Statistics over the last two decades show that the climate has either cooled or has certainly not warmed up. He says tides are rising and quotes the CSIRO. I still ask Senator Cameron or the CSIRO to explain to me why 140,000 years agoa long timetidal levels were about where they are now, as shown in the CSIRO's graph. The graph shows that, over the next 120,000 years, tidal levels went right down. Then suddenly, 20,000 years agothis is the CSIRO's graph, not minethe graph shows that tidal levels scooted back up to where they had been 140,000 years ago to approximately where they are now.

Senator Cameron is part of the group trying to scare people into not buying near the water because the tide is rising, so we all sell our properties next to the seaside and on the river. Professor Flannery, appointed by the Labor government to head the Climate Commission, is part of the group saying, 'Oh, all is lost, the tide is increasing and we are all going to be washed away!' Professor Flannery, I might add as an aside, gets $180,000 a year for two days a week of work.

Senator Fifield: How much

Senator IAN MACDONALD: He gets $180,000 a year for two days work a week. But, hang on, Professor Flannery then goes out and buys a flash property on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. I guess he got it at a good price because people who might have had property there probably sold it to get rid of it because he and Senator Cameron are warning these people that they are going to be inundated. How can you take any notice of what Senator Cameron says How can you take any notice of what Senator Wong said in the nonanswer, I might say, to all the questions that were asked of her today

Indeed, how can we take any notice of anything that the Labor Party or the Labor leader, Julia Gillard, says when we have direct evidence there before us of Julia Gillard promising the Australian people, the day before the last federal election: 'There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead' Here we are, a year later, debating it. How can you believe anything Julia Gillard or her ministers would ever say

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Before I put the question, can I remind senators to refer to members in the other place by their correct name or title.

Question agreed to.

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