Senator IAN MACDONALD (Queensland) (14:17): Mr President, I have a point of order I wish to raise with you. The other day, in response to my query about Senator Waters wearing 'Stop Adani' earrings in the chamber, you invited me to wear my own earrings, which I'm doing. But you did say you were going to take it on notice—

The PRESIDENT: Thank you, Senator Macdonald. I am endeavouring to deal with that matter privately before I bring it back to the Senate. Developments this morning prevented me doing so. I intend to do so later in the day, so I may have something to say later in the day or tomorrow. Senator Macdonald, I think it is fair to say your point has been made, but the wearing of a sign—in any form, in my view—is contrary to the rulings of myself, former President Parry and others. I intend to speak to senators involved, including yourself, Senator Macdonald.

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