Question on Notice, Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal

Senator Ian Macdonald asked the Minister
representing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on
5 March 2012:
(1) When will a response be provided to the
recommendations of the Defence Honours and Awards
Appeals Tribunal relating to the recognition of Royal
Australian Air Force personnel who served at Ubon
air base in Thailand between 1965 and 1968 with the
award of the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal.
(2) Given that the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence,
Senator Feeney, was provided the relevant inquiry
report on 24 February 2011, can an explanation be
provided for the 12 month delay in the provision of a
(3) Will the recommendations of the tribunal be
accepted; if so, will Letters Patent be drafted in order
to give effect to the recommendation.
(4) It the recommendations of the tribunal will not be
accepted, with which of the tribunal's conclusions does
the Government disagree and why.
Senator Chris Evans: The Minister for Defence
has provided the following answer to the honourable
senator's question:
(1) The response is presently with the Parliamentary
Secretary for Defence for consideration.
(2) The recommendations of the report posed a number
of issues that require further investigation within
Defence before a response is provided for government
(3) and (4) It is not possible to provide a response to
these questions until government consideration of the
report is finalised.

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