Parliamentary Representation - Qualifications of Senators

Senator IAN MACDONALD (Queensland) (10:16): I don't want to prolong this, but the hypocrisy of the Greens political party knows no bounds. Senator Brandis explained the timing of Senator Nash's announcement. Senator McKim, from the Greens political party, was at the legal and constitutional affairs Senate spillover hearing the next day when this matter was raised. It wasn't on the agenda, but, because that committee has a very good chairman, we allowed those questions to be raised. Senator Hinch, who sometimes attends that estimates committee as a participating member—I think he was there on this day—asked questions, as did other senators, including Senator McKim, and it was very clear. As Senator Brandis has said, it's on the record. He didn't waste the time of the Senate by going through that record again. I urge all senators who might be interested in this to have a look at the timing. Senator Nash is without blame. In fact, she did the absolutely right thing almost to the second.

I only enter into this to highlight the hypocrisy of those senators who were there to question this, who went through it all, who understood the issues and who now have the temerity—the dishonesty I might add—to get up in this chamber and raise the issues that they've already fully canvassed, and which were very clearly explained by Senator Brandis. I urge all senators who are interested in this to actually have a look at the Hansard and you will, second by second, see how Senator Nash did exactly the right thing.

Question agreed to.

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