Condolences - Senator Judith Adams

Senator IAN MACDONALD (Queensland) (15:54):
It is difficult to add anything further to the very fine
words that have been expressed today in this Senate
by Senator Abetz and Senator Evans, Senator Siewert
and Senator Joyce, and, indeed, by all of my Senate
colleagues, about a very fine person, our dear friend
and Senate colleague, Senator Judith Adams. I extend
again my condolences to Stuart and Robert and to
Judith's extended family on her passing.
It was an honour and, indeed, an uplifting experience
for me to attend Judith's funeral service in Kojonup,
along with most of her Senate colleagues, and anyone
who was anyone in the Liberal Party, including
the federal leader and deputy leader, the Western
Australian Premier and the state president of the party.
It was, as others have said, a magnificent show of
respect for someone we all loved.
I want, in passing, to express my thanks to Judith's
family, and to the Kojonup council and community
for facilitating the attendance of so many friends and
colleagues from all over Australia at her final farewell.
I also want to mention in that regard David Johnston
and his office for their help in getting many of us
from afar from Perth to Kojonupnot an easy task.
As others have so well recounted, you know the
impact that Judith had on people when 'Ironbar' Wilson
Tuckey was reduced to emotion in his wonderful
eulogy to his friend and co-conspiratorand I
emphasise 'co-conspirator'in Western Australia.
My great admiration for Judith was earned by the
character, determination and courage that others have
so eloquently described. But my special association
with Judith resulted from our shared passion for
regional and remote communities and for the Liberal
Party and its role in country Australia. Judith was living
proof that the Liberals were the legitimate party of rural
Australians. I might say, in that regard, that, curiously,
the last funeral I attended in Western Australia
indeed, the only other funeral I have attended there
was that of Senator John Panizza. He was also, at the
time, our whip, also a passionate advocate for rural and
regional Australia, and, like Judith, a person who had
not been born in Australia but who had come here and,
through farming and other enterprises, had become a
very successful Australian. That is rather coincidental,
and at Judith's funeral I was reminded of Senator John
It was one of Judith's great achievements, and one
that she was very proud of, that the Liberal Party had
achieved in rural Western Australia the success that it
actually had over many years. Her work for people who
do not live in the capital cities is legend for all of us who
know, but I do not think it will ever be fully appreciated
by the many country Australians who Judith had helped
during her pre-Senate life and had continued to help
since her time in the Senate.
Judith was a dear friend, a loyal colleague and a great
help to me in many of the difficult issues that have
come before this parliament. On anything to do with
health or farming or rural matters I would always
dutifully take the word of the relevant minister or
shadow minister, but then I would go and check it
with Judith for common sense and accuracy, and it was
Judith who was able to explain to me and to guide me
on the difficult issues of stem cell and RU486 matters
that troubled this parliament and this chamber many
years ago.
My small role in the Defence portfolio these days
allows me to associate with many a senior and, indeed,
junior Army, Navy and Air Force officers, and all of
them you speak to knew and respected Judith. She
was a great and learned supporter of the men and
women who comprise Australia's Defence forces. I
was delighted that the respect that Judith showed to
them was reciprocated by the military with the last
post and the ode at her farewell service. I know that
our Defence personnel would want to be associated
with the condolence motion before the chair. Before
I conclude, I would also like to say that I know that
Senator Sue Boyce, my Queensland colleague who
unfortunately is not here today, would also want to be
associated with all of the very fine words that have
been spoken about Senator Judith Adams today. Sue
and Judith shared many common issues and I know that
Sue, along with the rest of us, will miss her greatly.
Rest in peace, Judith Adams.

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