Condolences - Giles, Senator Patricia Jessie AM

Senator IAN MACDONALD (Queensland) (15:59): As perhaps the only current senator who served in this chamber with then Senator Giles, I want to say a few words on the condolence motion and offer my sympathies and condolences to Pat's family and friends. I certainly want to be associated with the remarks of both Senator Brandis and Senator Wong, who have already spoken about Pat Giles.

I remember Pat in those days. Her last three years were my first three years in this chamber. I remember her as a gentle woman. By that I mean she was very courteous and polite, and not overtly aggressive. But, certainly, she was very focused, determined and very persuasive.

Curiously, like the late Senator Judith Adams, who was another female senator from Western Australia and also a nurse, Senator Giles was someone who I took notice of and listened to. I must say I don't often do that when any Labor senator speaks to me. In the case of Pat and Judith Adams, if it was a matter relating to health or nursing, particularly in regional areas and regional areas in Western Australia, they were, certainly, people you would listen to. As I say, Pat was someone that I took a lot of notice of in those particular areas.

I wasn't close to Pat Giles in those days but, as I say, I do remember her well. I wanted to be associated with this condolence motion. Again, I offer to her family and friends my condolences.

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