My speech to the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum

My speech to the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum

Delivered at Quito Ecuador - Tuesday 13 January 2014

Madam Chairman, Distinguished Guests, and fellow Delegates,

All participants in this Forum are committed  to promoting  Peace and Prosperity in the World through the coming together of Parliamentarians from the Asia Pacific Region in this gathering.  We hope that through the combined resolutions of this Forum we can be a significant part of the process to achieving a better world for all.

Australia has submitted a resolution on Open and non exclusive cooperation to foster free trade growth , investment and sustainable development which highlights the importance of participation in international trade in achieving sustainable growth and prosperity in participating countries.

Australia's resolution is similar in many resects to resolutions submitted by Chile, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Russia which in all cases recognise  resolutions of this Forum last year in Mexico and the most recent meetings in November of APEC Leaders in Beijing (which the Delegate from China has precisely explained just now) and G 20 Leaders in Brisbane, in my home State of queensland in Australia.

I note with interest the thoughtful resolution submitted by our host Parliament

There is evidence that an increase in the volume of trade of 10% will raise per capita income by over 5%.  

Trade can boost employment, incomes and government revenue by providing

- access to larger markets
- higher returns on unskilled labor
- greater competition, innovation and entrepreneurship
- improved savings and capital flows
- more discipline on and transparency from governments
- and reduction in rent seeking activities

As other resolutions have mentioned,  the global economic recovery is slow uneven  and not delivering the jobs needed, so it is essential the we do all we can to improve recovery through enhanced trade arrangements.

Through a number of initiative and programs as part of the post - 2015 development agenda, Australia is seeking build on he Millennium Development goals with a stronger focus on economic growth, including trade, and on women's equality and empowerment and peaceful, inclusive societies and effective institutions.

Australia's commitment to freer trade has been boosted this year with the successful conclusion of Free Trade and Economic Partnership Agreements with Korea, Japan and China and with progress, albeit measured, on the Trans Pacific Partnership which will involve member states of this Forum.

Delegates, I commend to you Australia's motion on Trade.  Australia has worked constructively in the Working Groups, with other submitters of resolutions on Trade,  to bring forward for adoption by the Forum, a consolidated motion which incorporates all of the positive aspects of the submitted motions and which does help to promote Peace and Prosperity in the Asia Pacific Region.


Madam Chairman, may I conclude by thanking and congratulating Ecuador and its people on their hosting of this Forum in this wonderful Country and for the warmth of their welcome.


Thank you Madam Chair.

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