Launch Of Campaign Of Jason Costigan In Mackay, 9th March 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen Jason Costigan will be a great member for this part of the world and he will be a significant contributor to the Campbell Newman Government that will take over and will get Queensland back on track. Like you I would do anything to see this area get decent representation again and to see Jason Costigan elected to the State Parliament as the member for Whitsunday. You all know Jason, you know him well, you see him at the lectern just now and youve seen him all through his recent past and many of you through most of his life. You know he is a very capable person, you know hes got the gift of the gab and if any of you listen, and Im sure all do, to the commentary of the Cowboys matches, youd know that he has every trick and joke and a little bit of bias when it comes to the Cowboys as well. But as well as that, he understands people. He is a caring and compassionate person but he is very, very capable.

Ladies & gentlemen I am actually honoured to have been asked to come down and join in this launch of Jasons campaign today. Im here because I did, for too short of a time, 2 or 3 years if I recall correctly, I did employ Jason and so I perhaps better than most know just what Jason is capable of. I know the energy he has, I know the enthusiasm he has, I know the commitment and I know the intelligence and understanding that this guy has. I do today also bring with me apologies and greetings from some other employers of Jason in the political field. Senator George Brandis, who I understand has been up campaigning, George would have liked to have been here today. Jason helped George tremendously in his role as Minister for Sports and other things. And those of you who know George as I do, understand that you couldnt get a better Attorney General than George Brandis QC but as Sports Minister George is not the sort of person who knows a lot about sport and he needed a good advisor, someone who could help him in that portfolio. So I reluctantly sort of passed Jason on to George to give George that help, and a great help he was. Less well known is that Jason also worked for, a little while earlier in his career, with a bloke named Alby Schultz. Now Alby Schultz is a very prominent politician in Canberra. Alby is the sort of person you either love or hate, theres nothing in between but a very committed man and Alby is going to try and get up to help Jason sometime because he, like George Brandis and like I, know the capabilities and qualities of this man and know what a great job he can do for the North Mackay, Whitsunday area in the State Parliament.

Now ladies & gentlemen it is strange you know in Mackay. I live in Ayr in part of Georges electorate of Dawson but its strange that Mackay has in the past elected federally excellent representatives and weve had Ray Braithwaite who for many years did a wonderful job in Mackay, followed by De-Anne Kelly, and its great to see De-Anne here, a more committed and active and energetic person you would have found hard to beat at the time she was in parliament and of course theyve passed on the reins to George Christensen whos really making a mark there. So you Mackay people have all done very well federally. But what have you been doing state wise. I mean youve got Ted Malone but Teds sort of out the back a bit and hes been in and out and (hes been on his Pat Malone says Jason) but for years, and I struggle to remember when Mackay had decent state representation last and that has to change and I think it will change. It will change for two reasons. Mackay people, like everybody else in Queensland knows that it is time for a change. They know that after 22 years, bar a few months, Labor has ruled and ruined Queensland. They know the corruption that actually abounds within Queensland at the moment. Can you imagine what the media would still be saying if John Howard had appointed Janette Howard to be the Secretary of the Federal Climate Change Department Theyd still be screaming, even although Howards been gone for 4 years, theyd still be talking about it and yet do you hear at all about Premier Blighs husband who has a job that pays more than hers does I have to say. That sort of thing, and compared with some of the things happening in Queensland thats almost legitimate.

There is real problems at Queensland level and people understand this. People understand that its time to have a new approach to whats happening in Queensland. They understand that you cant promise something before an election and do exactly the opposite after an election. You cant say we are going to keep that 8 cent subsidy on petrol and then as soon as youre in power just get rid of the subsidy putting up the price of your petrol by 8 cents a litre. They cant promise to save Queensland assets and then sell off the railways as soon as they can. They had to sell the railways because they were broke and couldnt pay the wages. And that financial mismanagement is typical of Labor. Weve seen it federally when De-Anne left Federal Parliament we had $60 billion in credit thanks to John Howard and Peter Costello and good, sound financial management. Now we are $136 billion in deficit and borrowing $100 million a day and it goes up as we speak. And Queenslands not much better. I mean the only good thing you can say about the Queensland Treasurer is that he comes from your electorate Jason. I dont see him up here to often campaigning, I wish he was, but how can you lose in state with all of the mining wealth that Queensland has, how can you lose your AAA credit rating Did Anna Bligh stand up to Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard when they threatened the Mining Industry Hher goal is to shut down the mining industry so they wont emit carbon. Thats the goal to shut them down.

I mean Jason I hope youre asking the people who live out along the northern suburbs who all afford their very nice houses and very nice cars and very nice boats, who work in the mining industry what is going to happen to them and their mortgages if Labor continues to rule both federally and in state parliament. It really comes down to your neighbour and thats what weve all got to continue to mention. Look Campbell Newman has shown he can do it in Brisbane. He took a city that was languishing under decades of Labors rule at City Hall level and he turned Brisbane around practically overnight. Hes demonstrated that he can deal with the public service, he can deal with money, he can get people the future they deserve. We know he can do it, we know that what he says he can do he will be able to do because hes proved it and to get Campbell Newman and his team running the state properly, you have to make sure that his team member is here in Whitsunday and indeed in Mackay and in Mirani. No doubt well have a great supporter back in Mirani. Im confident that well have Jason there to help him but it is essential that you put in Campbell Newmans person here if we are going to change the direction of Queensland and get Queensland back on track.

So ladies & gentlemen were all in this together. As I say its been an honour for me to be able to come down and lend a little bit of support to Jason because I, perhaps as well as any of you, know just what a great person he will be. I, living in Ayr, in a sort of a similar locality to this, know just how important it is to get decent representation in this area, representation that will actually bring to Mackay what Mackay deserves from a good and competent government. So ladies & gentlemen lets again renew our efforts in the next 15 days. Its going to be a big 15 days, there are still votes to change, there are still minds to be made up. Im confident we can do it. I know Jason will be out there every minute of every day campaigning, kissing the babies and the women and everything else he can possibly do. I know hes got tremendous support from his mother, its great to see her here and Brianna. I know all of you that are old friends of Jasons will be doing everything you can to bring that representation to this area and to get Queensland back on track with a CanDo Campbell Newman government. Its an exciting time for us. I think for all that weve all done, can I urge you to do better, to redouble your efforts in the next 15 days. Go with Jason if he needs you. Hes got a lot of hands to shake, hes going to be working flat out. He will leave no stone unturned to bring Whitsunday home to the Campbell Newman government on 24th March. I know youll be with him all the way.

So ladies & gentlemen, with that can I officially with my colleagues and with Jason declare the campaign officially launched. May we be celebrating wildly on the night of the 24th March not just for having a decent government back in charge in Queensland but also having Jason Costigan as the new member for Whitsunday. Well done to all of you. Good luck Jason!

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