5th October 2018

Friday, 28th September, 2018 Mayor John Kremastos, former Mayor Bill Shannon, Councillors, Members of the Mission Beach Aquatic and Recreational Asso...

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2nd August 2018

 Friday, 20th July, 2018 Thank you very much for that lovely introduction and thank you young ladies for the way you’ve MCED today. You clearly are looking for a job on the ABC in the future as announcers, although I see, without embarrassing you, perhaps more interested in a career in ha...

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Speech - Central Western Local Government Association

17th May 2018

Thanks very much Peter and to the Mayor of the host Shire Kerry Hayes and to all other Mayors, Councillors, Council officers, my parliamentary colleges both State and Federal and perhaps most importantly, the sponsors. Thanks so much for having me with you at this conference and congratulations to K...

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Opening of the Australian Institute of Health and Medicine at JCU in Cairns

30th April 2018

Mr Chairman, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Minister, other distinguished guests. The facilities here are excellent and congratulations to the architects builders the operations people and those who staff this wonderful addition to the university and to Australia’s research capability. But the...

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AIMS Welcoming - Tuesday 1st August 2017

1st August 2017

Ladies and Gentleman  Look that’s the end of the formal thing, and I’m sorry to hijack your function Penny (Wensley) but you did raise a challenge that I just had to respond to.   But before I do that, can I on my behalf, and I know on behalf of Andrew Cripps and Mayor Hil...

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Official Opening Mareeba Wastewater Treatment Plant - Saturday 29 July, 2017

29th July 2017

Thanks very much Deputy Mayor Allan Pedersen. Mayor Tom Gilmore, Councillors, Ladies and Gentlemen and perhaps most importantly the Council staff who put all of this together.  Well, in the last couple of weeks the Federal Government’s invested a lot of money in North Queensland and North...

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Treasury Secretary’s opening speech to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee Estimates

1st March 2017

March 2017 Senate Estimates Treasury Secretary's opening statement Australia's economy continues to perform reasonably well as we transition away from the investment phase of the mining boom, notwithstanding the results in the September quarter which I will touch on later. We are also well placed t...

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Eulogy – Noeline Ikin

22nd February 2017

Eulogy – Noeline Ikin 21st February 2017 – International Club Mareeba As delivered: Senator Ian Macdonald On behalf of everyone here and ...

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Speech representing Prime Minister the Hon Malcolm Turnbull at the Parade Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Lavarack Barracks – Friday 29th July 2

29th July 2016

Soldiers of Lavarack, Thank you for all that you do for this city, for the North and for your country. Thank you also for this most impressive parade that we have just witnessed here today. You are a credit to your brigade and to your country. Can I just say that I have been to the Edinburgh Militar...

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28th July 2016

Thanks very much and thanks children. Look Alf this is a wonderful conference but I think Greg must have learnt a bit from the wonderful conference we had on Palm Island last year and you deserve all congratulations for that. Can I recognise the new chairman Liz Schmidt an old mate of mine and also ...

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20th June 2016

Well thanks very much Margaret and can I start by paying tribute to Margaret and her years of well-recognised service to Local Government both at Queensland level and with the Brisbane City Council.  Margaret you’ve become synonymous with everything that’s good about Local Governmen...

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Latitudes North Conference of the LNP Holiday Inn Townsville 16 April, 2016

18th April 2016

Every speaker so far today has told you all you need to know about Northern Australia, and its place in the world. The positive vision and optimism exuded by Ewen Jones was a wonderful theme-setter for this weekend. I want to say a few words about how far we have come in the development of Northern ...

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Warren Entsch's 20 year Anniversary Dinner

6th March 2016

What a wonderful occasion, that I like you are privileged to attend tonight. As one off the oldest ( and longest standing ) of Warren's political colleagues, it is an honour for me to say a few words and to read some excerpts from the truckloads of good wishes that most of Warren’s parliamenta...

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Senator George Brandis - Two Milestones event, Ayr, Saturday November 28, 2015

28th November 2015

On behalf of current Senators I should qualify in fact, Ian, my research tells me you the 17th person to have the honorific Father of the Senate. Ian has not laid back and assumed some dignified, honorific role. He is still what he has always been, ever since I joined the Senate 15 years ago. He has...

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Two Milestones event, Ayr, Saturday November 28, 2015

28th November 2015

My role today and something that I want to do, is to thank you firstly for coming along but particularly for all the help you’ve given Lesley and I particularly over our entire married life and my life even before that. I certainly want to thank all of you for helping me achieve two milestones...

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Georgetown Grazier's Forum October 10th 2015

10th October 2015

SPEECH ANZ North West Gulf Grazier’s Forum Saturday October 10th, 2015 --------------------------------------------------------------------------   Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen And what a pleasure it is to be here today at the ANZ North West Gulf Grazier’s Forum. The Australian...

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Speech to Outback Way Council - at Winton - Monday 28th September 2015

28th September 2015

Thanks very Patrick (Cr Patrick Hill, Chairman of the Outback Way Council) I appreciate your offer to say a few words and thank you for having me with you today. First of all can I again congratulate you and all of the team here today on what you have achieved for the Outback Way. You often don&rsqu...

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The Kronosaurus Korner Board 20th Anniversary Celebration – Richmond 26.09.15

26th September 2015

Thanks very much June and congratulations to you on organising tonight’s event in your role on the Council. Can I also acknowledge the Mayor and Rob Ievers and all of the distinguished people who have played such an important role in this very significant museum.  I think tonight’s ...

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Bwgcolman Youth Festival, many tribes, one people - Welcoming Speech - 3rd September 2015

3rd September 2015

Alf Lacey: Ladies and gentlemen, its gives me great pleasure to introduce someone as well known in Queensland, particularly Northern Australia. Senator Macdonald is representing the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott today and has lived almost all his life in North Queensland. He is a senator for the Feder...

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Hepatitis ‘Take Action’ Day – 4th of August 2015 (as delivered)

4th August 2015

Like Most Australians I had heard of hepatitis, I didn’t really understand it, I didn’t really care much about it as I didn’t have it, so why would you bother. But with all these sorts of things you become vitally interested when someone close to you gets involved in that disease.&...

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Speech- Young LNP Past Presidents and Life Members Cocktail Party

30th March 2015

It is great to be here with so many old friends and people I remember as the “big boys” in what was then the Young Liberal Movement, from my point of view. I am sure for the Young Nats the same applies. It is just tremendous to see so many people who were so important back then….....

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Kirrama Range Opening

11th December 2014

Thanks very much Glen and first of all Claud I won’t be walking it with you, I’ll see you up there. Thanks very much Claud for your Welcome to Country and my respects to you and your forbears. It is indeed a great honour to be in your Country and so thanks for having us all.   Can I...

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Dalrymple Trade Training Centre Opening

18th August 2014

Well thanks very much Moya. First of all some ‘thank you’s’: Thank you very much for having me with you today on this very very important occasion and for making me feel so welcome and for the tour of the facility. It just demonstrates what a wonderful job you’ve done in plan...

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Opening of new Amenities at Westside Christian College Brisbane

17th June 2014

Thanks very much Natalia. Good morning boys and girls and mums and dads and members of the staff. Thank you very much for allowing me to be with you on this very very special day. And can I start by acknowledging your principal Mr Chris Meadows and Mrs Meadows and Mr Matthew Teal the chairman of the...

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Speech - Cardwell Road Realignment Dedication - Friday 4th April 2014

4th April 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a real pleasure for me to be here today, representing Warren Truss the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, at this significant opening.Not only does the work make the road safer and more productive for all of the users but it also, I think, assists with ...

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My speech to the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum

13th January 2014

My speech to the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum Delivered at Quito Ecuador - Tuesday 13 January 2014 Madam Chairman, Distinguished Guests, and fellow Delegates,All participants in this Forum are committed  to promoting  Peace and Prosperity in the World through the coming together of Par...

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Official Opening Clump Point Jetty

9th November 2013

Thanks very much Bill (Shannon), the Mayor of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council and the Deputy Mayor, Bryce Macdonald, other Councillors, my friend and colleague, Andrew Cripps, not only the Local Member but a very senior Minister in the Queensland Government and of course, your Local Federal Mem...

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Official Opening Cardwell Foreshore 9th November 2013

9th November 2013

Well, thanks very much Greg Valetta from 4KZ, the Voice of everywhere from Townsville to Cairns and beyond And Greg in acknowledging you, can I acknowledge the work that 4KZ and the ABC I should add, did during the time of Yasi. We often forget just what a significant role the radio stations in part...

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Speech at Korean Reception

8th October 2013

Your Excellency, distinguished Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Friends of the Republic of Korea. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to join in the celebration of your National Day Ambassador. It’s also tremendous to see here with us a number of Australians who actually served in the Kor...

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Speech made by Senator Ian Macdonald at the Declaration of the Queensland Senate Poll Brisbane, October 2, 2013

2nd October 2013

First of all, my thanks to the Queensland Electoral Commissioner and all of her professional and temporary staff for the exacting work that they have done over the past month since the election.And a very genuine and heart-felt thanks to the people of Queensland for the confidence they have shown in...

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Speech to Indigenous Leaders Forum, LGAQ, Cairns 31/05/2013

31st May 2013

Good morning Councillors - it is an honour for me to be in such distinguished company with so many elected mayors and Councillors.Thanks you very much for allowing me to be with you for your Indigenous Leaders Forum here in Cairns today.I read about your Local Government Group in a newsletter I rece...

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State Council Preselection Speech 2012

5th December 2012

Senator the Hon Ian Macdonald Speech to Preselection Council RNA Auditorium, Brisbane 24 November 2012 (As delivered) Mr President, Parliamentary and Council Colleagues, LNP Friends.This year I have spoken a record of 260 times in the Senate on all sorts of Policy and Political issues that are d...

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Speech to the Fitzroy Basin Association Muster (representing Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott)

18th October 2012

Thank you very much Charlie Wilson, for your introduction, and for inviting me here to speak to you today.I welcome Member for Flynn Ken ODowd, Councillor Brimblecombe, Neil Fisher, and Councillor Clyde Cameron.I am delighted to be here today to represent Tony Abbott and with a person who, I hope, i...

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LIDAR Conference in Cairns, 6th June 2012

6th June 2012

Thanks Gary and Good morning ladies and gentlemen, members of FunGIS (FUNGIS not FUNGUYS).It is an honour to be here this morning to open this workshop on this amazing measurement technology, LIGHT DETECTION AND RANGING, Lidar (LIE-DAR).In this wonderful part of the world of rainforests, reefs and s...

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Launch Of Campaign Of Jason Costigan In Mackay, 9th March 2012

9th March 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen Jason Costigan will be a great member for this part of the world and he will be a significant contributor to the Campbell Newman Government that will take over and will get Queensland back on track. Like you I would do anything to see this area get decent representation again ...

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Speech to the Australian Peacekeepers & Peacemaker Veterans Association National Conference, 21st October 2011 - Brisbane

21st October 2011

Good morning its great to be with you for the Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans Association National Conference.I would like to acknowledge, The President of your association Mr Allan Thomas, other members of your executive, Vice-president Dale Potter, Secretary Paul Copeland, Treasur...

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The 50th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and the Republic of Korea, 13th October 2011

13th October 2011

Albert Hall, Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra ACTYour Excellency Mr TAEYONG CHO (Ambassador of the Republic of Korea), distinguished members of the diplomatic corps, senior officers of the Korean and Australian defence forces, my Parliamentary colleague Philip Ruddock, other friends of the Republic of ...

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Speech to the Annual General Meeting of the Outback Highway Development Council Incorporated, 8th September 2011.

8th September 2011

Yulara Ayers Rock, Northern Territory.Well thanks very much Patrick and thanks to you all for the opportunity to share a few thoughts with you for the next 10 minutes or so. Congratulations for what your group continues to do and please never stop, keep going. The Outback Highway Development Council...

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Water, water everywhere and nary a drop to drink a taste for new dams in Northern Australia, 7th June 2011.

7th June 2011

Thanks for your very warm Rotary welcome. Its always a delight for me to be with people, genuine people who do things for other members of the community.I am no stranger to service clubs myself. I was a member of Apex for many years when I was a few years younger than I am now.I guess theres a natur...

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Speech to Young Liberal National State Convention, 30th April 2011

30th April 2011

Brisbane, QueenslandThanks very much Tommy and in recognising you and your executive, I congratulate you on the very the great work youve done this year. Its tremendous to see so many people again at a Young LNP Meeting.Ladies and Gentlemen, as Tommy has said, and Im glad he said it because you may ...

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