Where's Macca February 2017

(As then Labor Senator Sue Mackay, who shadowed me as Minister for Regional Services Territories and Local Government, once famously asked back in 1999*)

 A journal of the whereabouts of Senator Ian Macdonald in February 2017


February 1                    Ayr Office –Meeting

February 2                    Tully – Cassowary Coast Council; Pinehaven Nursing Home Innisfail – Warrina Home; LNP Meeting

February 3                    Brisbane Office – Constituent Meetings

February 6 – 9              Canberra - Parliament

February 10                  Canberra – LNP Forum

February 13 – 16           Canberra - Parliament

February 17                  Canberra – Legal and Constitutional Committee Public Hearing

February 18                  Brisbane Office - Meetings

February 19                  Bowen – LNP Branch AGM + Barnaby Joyce Meeting

February 20                  Townsville – CRC for Northern Australian - Launch

February 21                  Mareeba – Noeline Ikin Memorial Service

February 22                  Cardwell – Meetings – Battle of the Coral Sea

February 23                  Townsville – Senate Ctee Hearing - Future of Australia’s Aged Care Sector

February 24                  Townsville – Cowboys Launch

February 25                  Townsville to Sydney

February 26                  Sydney – Admiralty House: Ceremonial Welcome for His Excellency Mr Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

February 27 -28            Canberra Additional Estimates Hearings

March 1 - 2                   Canberra Additional Estimates Hearings


My responsibilities keep me fairly busy. These duties include:


  • Chairman of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee
  • Deputy Chair of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee
  • Chair - Northern Whitepaper Implementation Oversight Committee
  • Deputy Chair Committee of Privileges - Senate
  • Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia
  • Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
  • Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment 
  • A member of no less than 23 parliamentary Friendship Groups 
  • Co-Convener of the Friends of the Outback Highway
  • Patron Senator for the electorate of Kennedy and Herbert 

If I can help at any time, or with an LNP function, please contact Marie in my office on 4771 3066 (Local call 1300 301 949)

All the best, Ian Mac.

*Labor Senator Sue Mackay, my Shadow, issued a press release on 30 August 2000 asking whether I lived in Ayr or Townsville (or Rockhampton or Cairns) after she became confused about where I was based. Poor soul never quite understood that a Coalition Senator just doesn’t sit in an office waiting for people to call!

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