My Vision For The North


Ensure the north is an even more attractive place to live and do business by unlocking the region’s full economic potential as a gateway to global markets, a source of rich resources and a home to pristine environments.

Build this vision on the foundations of land, labour, water and infrastructure and so ensure the flow of more private sector capital investment.

Tackle the cost of doing business and living in the north by making energy affordable and comparable to the South

Invest in these key sectors as a priority: food and agribusiness • resources and energy • tourism and hospitality • international education • healthcare, medical research and aged care.

Underwrite enabling infrastructure such as building the roads of the future to allow more affordable transport for goods and people from and to the North. Complete the all-weather inland North South Highway in Queensland.

Grow the North by attracting people and by relocating businesses and Government Departments.

Enhance the North’s role in the security of our Nation by boosting Defence spending.

Develop the north in full partnership with Indigenous Australians, with a focus on creating opportunities through education, job creation and economic development.

Highlight the uniqueness of northern Tourist natural assets and safeguard the incredible northern environment for future generations.

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