Win for the tomato industry

Northern-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has welcomed news that dumping duties will be applied to two more brands of canned tomatoes from Italy.

Senator Macdonald said while dumping duty will not a have direct on the North Queensland fresh tomato industry, the flow-on effects would.
“Any better access for any sector of the tomato industry in Australia means a stronger industry overall,” Senator Macdonald.

Earlier today, the Anti-Dumping Commissioner recommended that dumping duties be applied to Feger and La Doria canned tomatoes, meaning that all canned tomatoes from Italy are now subject to anti-dumping measures.

The ruling will ensure that Australia’s only canned tomato producer, SPC Ardmona, can now compete equally in Australian supermarkets and stores.

“This is a new approach by the Australian Government to the vexed and complex question of dumping which impacts on many of our rural producers.

“I am pleased to be part of a Government that is serious about a fair go for Australian primary industries,” Senator Macdonald said.

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