Where are the Greens when you want them?

Rather than do stunts for their ‘latte’ audiences in the southern capitals, if the Greens were serious about the environment they would be focussing on real issues like weeds, according to Northern-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald.

Senator Macdonald who is this week travelling through North-west Queensland, has highlighted invasive weed species like Prickly Acacia, Rubber Vine, Parkinsonia and Mesquite which are costing Australia around $5billion a year in lost productivity.

“Yesterday I attended a weeds Field Day at Richmond in Western Queensland and saw the efforts being made by many landowners to control invasive weeds that impact on parts of the West’s productive grazing lands,” Senator Macdonald said.

“Years ago the Howard Government had substantial programs to assist in the fight against weeds, but I detect the focus has gone off weeds in recent years.

“The fight against weeds is a very expensive process and needs government support for individual landowners fighting the battles.

“If the Greens were at all serious about the degradation of native biodiversity, they would be out here in the West highlighting these problems, rather than chasing cheap populist votes in the capital cities with their misleading claims on the Great Barrier Reef.

“I acknowledge that weeds is not as ‘sexy’ an issue as some of those the Greens get involved in, but if they were at all serious about the environment, this is where they should be.

“At times, I have my issues with the Greens, but in relation to weeds, I would welcome their support and would stand shoulder to shoulder with them and my northern colleagues if they were prepared to get involved in the campaign to control invasive weeds in the North-west. 

“Following my visit to the Field Day, I have raised the weeds issue with the Minister’s office and will be discussing this with him at the earliest opportunity.”

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