Upholding our promise to scrap the carbon tax

The Coalition Government is keeping its election promise to the Australian people, with the House of Representatives yesterday voting to scrap the carbon tax.

The people of Queensland voted against the Carbon Tax and we have fulfilled our commitment to them in the Parliament, said Queensland LNP Senator Ian Macdonald.

This was an important vote for Queensland families because repealing the Carbon Tax will create a stronger economy with more jobs, and families will on average be $550 a year better off.

The people of Kennedy have been left with no doubt about who wants to bring down their household power bills and who doesnt.

Only the Coalition Government is interested in helping Australian families with the cost of living.

Since the election Labor has been saying it is as one with the government on repealing the carbon tax. Yesterday Labor had the chance to prove it but once again confirmed that it can never be trusted to keep its word.

Labor is not as one with the Government. Labor is still as one with Julia Gillard and the Greens.

When parliament returns next month, the Carbon Tax repeal will be voted on in the Senate.

If Labor votes in the Senate against scrapping the tax, it will be clear proof that Labor has not changed under Bill Shorten, said Senator Macdonald.

All that stands between families and $550 is Electricity Bill Shorten.

All that stands between boosting local jobs and manufacturing is Electricity Bill Shorten.

The Government will not stop until the carbon tax is gone. Its time for Labor to step up and help Australian families and businesses by scrapping the Carbon Tax.

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