Thank to Labor Green and Pups - Mining Jobs Suffer

Australia’s struggling mining industry has received another blow at the hands of Labor, Greens and Palmer United Senators in the Senate.

North Queensland-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald who spoke at length on the Bill to abolish the mining tax, said the disregard shown by Queensland non-Coalition Senators was breathtaking.

"Clearly these city-based Senators have no idea of how the Mining Tax has worked against workers in North Queensland mining communities," he said. 

"Job losses will continue in the mining and mining support industries if the Mining Tax remains in place.

"Small businesses in mining towns will be devastated by the actions of Senators, many of whom have never even visited mining towns," said Senator Macdonald. 

"I am disgusted at actions of my Queensland Senate colleagues and I will name those who voted against the industry and mining towns – Senators McLucas, Moore and Ketter from the ALP, Senator Waters from the Greens and Senator Lazarus from the Palmer United Party all showed they had no concern for workers in the mining industry and small businesses who support those in the industry," he said.

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