Super Stadium up for inspection

The LNP Senate team along with LNP candidate for Kennedy Noeline Ikin, on the sixth day of their ten day road trip around North Queensland, will be in Townsville tomorrow at the invitation of Member for Herbert, Ewen Jones, to inspect the 1300 Smiles stadium and the Townsville Entertainment Centre and discuss the options for a Super Stadium with business leaders.

Team leader, Senator Ian Macdonald, who is based in Townsville, said the Super Stadium issue was one of vital importance to the Townsville region and he was pleased to be able to bring the candidates to see and fully understand the proposal.

We have been meeting with councils and community leaders around the North and have heard their concerns about the cost of living, the carbon tax, the crisis in the cattle industry and now we will turn our attention to this very different proposal, Senator Macdonald said.

LNP candidate for Kennedy, Noeline Ikin, said she had noted an increasing sense of frustration among voters as the team travelled around.

People are feeling so uncertain and understandably so, Ms Ikin said.

Its not just rural industries, although they are bad enough, but you can see from the Salvation Army report, released today, that the constant huge hikes in the cost of living are putting intolerable pressure on families and households.

Under Labor, the price of basic services that everyone needs just goes up and up and people are struggling not just disadvantaged people but ordinary Australian families, small business people, farmers and graziers are struggling across the board.

But in the great Australian way, we never give up.

Senate candidates James McGrath and Theresa Craig agreed that cost of living hikes were putting great pressure on families and businesses.

The only answer is for government to take firm action to ease these cost pressures, Mr McGrath said.

Families are paying the price for Labors mismanagement of the economy and we need to take control of spending and get the economy back on an even keel so that all Australians can share in the prosperity a healthy economy will deliver.

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