Stop denigrating the Reef

An angry North Queensland based Senator has demanded that the State Government, particularly the Environment Minister, stop denigrating the Great Barrier Reef. 

Senator Ian Macdonald who is based in Townsville and lives adjacent to the Reef in Ayr, said that the ongoing commentary by the State Government as to destruction of the Reef, was impacting on foreign tourists.

“The continual rhetoric of the Labor Government and its Green supporters does nothing to protect the Reef but does turn away tourists in droves,” Senator Macdonald said.

“Worldwide publicity of the denigration of the Reef has an impact on tourist numbers.”

“It’s about time the Queensland Government started looking after Queensland and promoting the Reef rather than denigrating it.”

Senator Macdonald said the ludicrous position that Australia should do more to reduce carbon emissions is patently ridiculous insofar as the Great Barrier Reef is concerned.

“Australia emits less than 1.4% of the world’s carbon. Even if the Queensland Government shut down every coal mine in Queensland and put every fossil fuel motor vehicle off the road, it would make not one iota of difference to the Great Barrier Reef.

“It would, however, cause further massive unemployment in Central and North Queensland and in the mining and metals manufacturing industries in the north and exacerbate an already critical state of unemployment in Queensland.

“The Queensland Government needs to stop following the rhetoric of the radical Greens’ movement and stop the comments that do nothing but harm the North’s tourism industry, and have no impact whatsoever on the changing climate of the world.”

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