Statement on Singaporean Strategic Partnership and Northern Australia

A huge thanks to Andrew Robb on his last day in Federal Parliament for his work in Northern Australia generally, but specifically for today’s announcement by the Singaporean Government of massive defence spending in North Queensland at Townsville and Shoalwater Bay. 

The work Mr Robb has done on behalf of the Coalition Government in building relationships with southern and East Asian governments has resulted in this wonderful news for Townsville and the North. 

The news could not come at a better time, with unemployment issues following the QNI shut-down and the mining slow-down. 

The announcement of massive spending to support Singaporean defence support facilities will provide real and tangible jobs for sub-contractors, small business and skilled tradesmen.

Coming upon the Budget which so favoured small business, the work which will follow this announcement will give confidence for investment in growth and jobs in the Townsville region.

The Government is clearly serious about the development of Northern Australia and the international trade links which have become the hallmark of the Turnbull Government has already played a significant role in the development of Northern Australia.

This partnership is another credit for the ongoing advocacy by Northern parliamentarians Warren Entsch, George Christensen and I, lead by Ewen Jones. 

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