Stadium cash splash another Labor stunt, says Macdonald

Bill Shorten and the ALP have revealed just how desperate they are to try and remain relevant with yet another unfunded cash splash that does nothing more than expose their lack of economic credibility.

Northern based Senator Ian Macdonald said today’s announcement by Shorten to commit $100 million for Townsville’s stadium project is just another premature policy announcement from a party and a leader long past their use-by date.

 “Labor has a well-documented history of making expensive pre-election commitments to shore up electoral favour when the tides are turning against them,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “There’s no doubt the proposed integrated stadium and convention centre has the potential to be the catalyst for the north, but until that time the business case has been released, it’s ludicrous to commit significant tax-payer funds to a project that has yet been proven to be economically viable,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “This is yet another example of Labor’s failed approach to economic management - making expensive promises to win votes, then crying poor as they burden the taxpayer with an ever-increasing national deficit.

 “The debt run up by the Labor Party would, if left unchecked, reach $700 billion, should they be let loose looking after the nation’s coffers again.

 “Let’s not forget the last time they were in power, when they left a $400 billion deficit in their wake.”

 Senator Macdonald said the Prime Minister had indicated his interest and support for an integrated stadium and convention centre, but rather than cheap political point scoring, has, quite sensibly, held off making any firm commitment until the business case has been completed.

 “This is just another example of an out-of-touch party with a complete inability to produce economically feasible policy.”

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