Solicitor General's Resignation

I respect the decision of the Solicitor General Mr. Gleeson to tender his resignation and admire him for having done what I consider to be the 'right thing'. 

I wish him well for the future.

I have been involved in Parliamentary hearings involving the Solicitor General in recent weeks and have become increasingly concerned in what has developed into a political game originated by the Labor Party and their Greens allies.  I warned the References Committee (which has carriage of this matter and on which there is a Labor/Greens majority) that having a public hearing into this matter would end in disaster - as it has.  I also tried to have the evidence of the Solicitor General and Attorney General taken in Camera to protect the offices both men hold under the Constitution, but was out-voted.

I thought the Solicitor General erred in allowing himself to be embroiled, wittingly or unwittingly, in what was clearly a political attack by the Labor Party on the Attorney General. 

Regrettably, those who prosecuted this attack were more intent on making political points rather than respecting, and showing concern for, the institutions both men represent.  If there were an better way of addressing the substance of the Direction, that way should have been preferred rather than using the Solicitor General as part of a political 'which hunt' against the Attorney General.

There was a better way and that was the Disallowance procedure, which had in fact been commenced, and should have been taken through to conclusion. The Labor Party choose to sideline this parliamentary process in favour of a political process which has ended in the resignation of the Solicitor General. 

I have nothing but contempt for Mr Shorten and his leadership group for allowing this to happen.

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