Solar panel election commitment delivered

The Coalition Government continues to honour election promises, this time with a $15,000 grant to install solar panels at Endeavour Foundation Industries in Townsville.

Townsville based Government Senator Ian Macdonald said the work of the previous Member for Herbert, Ewen Jones, continues to help the region.

During the 2016 election campaign, Ewen Jones made a $15,000 commitment to fund the installation of rooftop solar panels for Endeavour Foundation Industries.

“Endeavour Foundation Industries do a marvellous job in our local community, providing a wide range of support and business services,” Senator Macdonald said.

“This grant will allow them to install solar panels which will have a huge impact on their running costs, which, like many businesses and homeowners across the region, are struggling with the cost of electricity.”

The $5 million Solar Communities program supports local responses to climate change and help deliver lower electricity costs for community organisations.

“Congratulations to Endeavour - and thanks to Ewen Jones.”

Further information about the program is available at


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