Shorten must take the fall for Solicitor General’s Resignation

The Deputy Chair of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs references Committee Senator Ian Macdonald has called on Bill Shorten to take responsibility for the resignation of Solicitor general Justin Gleeson SC.

“The entire matter of the Direction could have been dealt with through the Disallowance process in the Senate chamber. No heads would have rolled, no reputations would have been besmirched and no careers would have been lost.

“But Bill Shorten and his team of Labor thugs were so hell-bent on attempting to claim the scalp of the Attorney-General that in doing so they themselves placed the neck of their own appointee on the chopping block.

“I tried to warn them.

“As I became increasingly concerned about what was transparently a purely political campaign by the Labor Party and their Greens allies to discredit the Attorney General, I warned them of the possible consequences.

“I also cautioned the References Committee (which has carriage of this matter and on which there is a Labor/Greens majority) that having a public hearing into this matter would end in disaster - as it has - and tried to have the evidence of the Solicitor General and Attorney General taken in Camera to protect the offices both men hold under the Constitution, but was out-voted.

“It is nothing short of perverse that Mr Shorten is now braying for the Attorney’s blood when an experienced bureaucrat has been sacrificed on the altar of Labor’s spite and ambition.

“Shame on you Mr Shorten.” 

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