Shorten Falls Short On Infrastructure

A Northern-based Government Senator has branded the Bill Shorten’s infrastructure announcement as more proof that the Labor Party are completely out-of-touch with rural and regional Australia.

 Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald, who Chair’s the Governments Northern Development White Paper Implementation Oversight Committee, has pointed out that the Labor leader has expressed support almost exclusively for projects in metropolitan areas.

 “The Labor party’s city-centric dogma is once again on display,” said the Senator.

 “Mr Shorten may have said he will support the Bruce Highway, but he has failed to mention a single project anywhere else in Queensland, in the Northern Territory or Northern Western Australia.

 “So not only does Mr Shorten not have any infrastructure policies of his own to announce, he has also completely overlooked almost half of the Australian landmass.”

 Senator Macdonald pointed out that the Labor party’s single remaining parliamentarian in the north – Cairns-based Senator Jan McLucas – was unceremoniously replaced by a Unionist from Brisbane.

 “Jobs for the boys in the city – that is what Labor are all about.

 “The Labor Party should be condemned for its complete lack of interest in Northern Australia.

 “I urge all voters in the north to send Labor a very clear message of their disapproval at the next election.”

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