Shorten caught out

Northern based Government Senator Ian Macdonald has called on Labor Leader Bill Shorten to come clean to the people of North Queensland, following sensational claims by environmental activist Geoff Cousins that the Opposition Leader promised he would seek to “kill off” the Adani project if Labor wins power.

Senator Macdonald said Mr Shorten has been walking both sides of the street on this issue for far too long.

 “If Geoff Cousins' claims that the Opposition Leader will look to revoke the Adani licence are true, there will be enormous negative flow on effects to investor confidence across North Queensland,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “This lack of confidence has the potential to create a sovereign risk for the entire country which would be disastrous.

 “With unemployment in Townsville still high at over 8 per cent and youth unemployment above 18 per cent, the region is crying out for the jobs which would be generated from this project and which have already been generated at the Adani headquarters.

 “The Labor Leader clearly plans to hoodwink the people of North Queensland by failing to openly declare his opposition to the Adani project.”

 Senator Macdonald recently invited Mr Shorten to tour Adani HQ in Townsville so he could see for himself the real jobs that had already been created.

 “Unfortunately, he was too lily livered to be bothered taking up that opportunity and now we have more evidence of why,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “Cathy O’Toole needs to explain to her constituents why Labor is willing to risk thousands of jobs in North Queensland and what the trade-off is with the Greens.”


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