Senator calls for Labor leadership spill

 Labor Leader Bill Shorten has single-handedly killed off thousands of North Queensland jobs and caused irreparable sovereign risk after finally confirming he does not support the Adani project.

 Northern based Government Senator Ian Macdonald said the Labor party had turned its back on blue collar workers and regional Queensland

 “I demand that the local MP Cathy O’Toole disassociate herself immediately and forcefully from her Labor Leader,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “Mr Shorten’s treachery in itself is good reason for Ms O’Toole to call for a leadership spill in the Labor Opposition. It’s that serious.

 “While the Government is doing everything possible to develop the north and provide jobs, Mr Shorten is doing the exact opposite and seems more interested in the latte sippers of Batman than the workers of North Queensland.

 “What we have seen is an Opposition Leader who is so desperate to win the Batman by-election that he is more in bed with greens voters than the Greens Political Party itself.

 “This is an absolute kick in the guts for every single North Queenslander who is desperately trying to find work and put food on the family table.

 “Even Bill Shorten’s own colleagues have come out this morning and said their leader has “lost the plot”.

 “The Adani project has passed every single environmental and court challenge thrown at it. What qualifies Mr Shorten to think he knows better than every approvals process in the nation?

 “His comments reek of someone who is prepared to put personal political gain ahead of the rules of law and science.

 “The Labor Leader’s opposition to the mine has also created a huge risk to Australia’s international investment reputation and that is extremely worrying for the future of our region,” Senator Macdonald said.

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