Senator unveils a banana-bender in Canberra

North Queensland’s record-breaking attempt to create the world’s biggest banana split using local produce has been unveiled in the nation’s capital, with northern-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald sharing the details in a speech in the Senate last night.

Senator Macdonald set the scene by describing how 40,000 North Queensland bananas, 2,500 litres of ice-cream and lots of decadent cream from the award winning Mungalli Creek Dairy would be used for the record breaking attempt, to be staged as part of the Cassowary Coast’s annual Feast of the Senses festival in March next year 

“Not only is this is a truly unique event that will help put this beautiful part of the north on the map, it’s also a great opportunity to pay tribute to the North Queensland banana industry, which has had a very challenging year,” Senator Macdonald said 

“And even I was amazed to learn that Australians consume five million bananas every day!”

Senator Macdonald said despite an outbreak of the deadly Panama soil disease, farmers across the north rallied together, and with the support of Biosecurity officers, were working hard to contain the disease.

“With North Queensland producing about 95% of the country’s bananas, this deadly disease had the potential to wipe out one of our nation’s biggest horticultural industries, worth around $600million annually.

“Twenty years ago, this same disease wiped out the banana industry in the Northern Territory, and following the impact of Tropical Cyclones Larry and Yasi in more recent years, our farmers have certainly been doing it tough, and deserve a shout out.

“I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to the industry than to celebrate with the world’s biggest banana split, using some of the best local produce and supporting local communities in one of the most idyllic settings the tropical north – in the heart of the Cassowary Coast.”

For more details on the Feast of the Senses festival, which takes place from 11-20 March 2016,

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