Senator dismisses Chappell correspondence

Northern based Government Senator Ian Macdonald said he was distressed that two former cricket greats were so out of touch with the unemployed and the need for development in the North with their silly comments about Adani and equating it to a game of sport.

“Not only do the Chappell brothers not have any concept of the impact this project will have on the livelihoods of thousands of Queensland families who are doing it tough at the moment, their actions really show little respect for the very thorough and rigorous approval processes of Government,” Senator Macdonald said. 

“The majority of Queenslanders, including governments at all levels, are fully behind this critical project, which has met stringent environmental conditions, because they know and appreciate just how important it is for regional economies.” 

Senator Macdonald said there was good reason why cricket and politics don’t mix.

“You don’t see retired politicians out on the cricket pitch giving advice to our Test players on how to improve their game. 

“The fact that India and Australia share a proud legacy as sporting foes on the cricket pitch does not make the Chappell brothers experts on who can and cannot invest in our country.  

“Frankly, I think the Chappell brothers should contain their comments to things they know about, like underarm bowling, not about what is good for Queenslanders.” 

“I hope Mr Adani gives this correspondence the attention it deserves, and dismisses it, just like we will do with the Indian cricket team when the third Test Match wraps up.”

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