Senate vote is vital

The Queensland Liberal National Senate Team was in Coolum on Tuesday highlighting to voters that they will have two votes to cast on election day.

The Team, led by Senator Ian Macdonald, includes James McGrath, architect of Campbell Newmans election win in Queensland and economist Matt Canavan.

We will be emphasising that for Tony Abbott to abolish the carbon tax, an initiative which will make a world of difference to Coolum businesses and families, it is essential that he has a Senate that he can work with and this will require a vote for the LNP in the Senate contest, Senator Macdonald said.

James McGrath said it was important that voters realised how vital their Senate vote is in getting the country back on its economic feet.

A Coalition government can bring us back to stability and prosperity, but it wont be an easy task, Mr McGrath said.

We need the Senate to be able to support the government to do the job.

Matt Canavan agreed that the Senate was critical to a Coalition government.

"The most disappointing thing about the past three years has been that so-called regional independents and minor parties have sold out the people they represent. We don't need more political experimentation in the next Parliament," he said.

"Experimentation might have been fine in the 1960s but we need a stable government right now. However bad we think the think the first movie has been, I fear a Green-Labor-Independent sequel could be worse.

"The facts are, if the LNP can elect four Senators, then the Greens will probably lose the balance of power. I'm sure many in Coolum will enjoy an extra drink on election night if we can deliver that result."

Senator Macdonald said that if voters wanted to get rid of the carbon tax, rid of the mining tax, rid of the red tape and bureaucracy currently strangling small businesses in Coolum and across the country and see a Coalition government set the country on the right track back to prosperity then a vote for the LNP in the Senate was imperative.

LNP candidate for Fairfax Ted OBrien will be a great representative for the Coolum area, but to do the things that have to be done, voters also need to put the figure 1 above the line in the convenient Box B on the very long and complicated Senate ballot paper, Senator Macdonald said.

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