Senate Team on the road in the Darling Downs

LNP Senator Ian Macdonald will join the LNP Senate team for the upcoming election and Senator Brett Mason in Toowoomba tomorrow on their road-trip through the Darling Downs.

Senator Macdonald, returning from a series of forums across Northern Australia on the Coalitions 2030 Vision for the Development of Northern Australia, will meet up with the team, James McGrath, Matt Canavan and Theresa Craig, tomorrow afternoon in Toowoomba, continuing on Saturday to Pittsworth, Dalby and Kingaroy.

For too long regional Queensland has been ignored by the Labor government, Senator Macdonald said.

It seems they think that nothing outside the south east corner of the country is of any importance. And this in the most decentralised state in the country!

Senator Macdonald said that the aim of the Senate Teams visit was to meet and hear the issues of as many people in regional Queensland as possible.

It is only by doing this we can ensure that, if we are returned to government at the next election, we can try to address the hurt suffered by many rural Queenslanders by the shambolic mismanagement of the Gillard/Rudd governments, he said. 

Senate candidate James McGrath said that the team wanted to hear peoples views on a range of subjects including the rural crisis, infrastructure needs and the latest proposal from the Prime Minister for the PNG solution to the flood of asylum seekers.

We will be talking to all members of the various community groups, said candidate Matt Canavan.

We are particularly interested in the Toowoomba Bypass which has been completely ignored by this Labor government and which the Coalition has always supported.

We have committed an initial $700 million, if we are elected, to get work started on this essential project.

Candidate Theresa Craig said she believed that the cost of living in regional Australia was a big concern for residents.

The Canberra-centric Labor government has no understanding of the burden their policies create for those of us who live and work in regional Australia, she said.

If the Coalition is elected our focus will immediately be to redress this imbalance.

7am Community Breakfast, Best Western Motor Inn Pittsworth

9.30 am Meeting at Graham Claphams farm 2499 Brookstead, Norwin Road, Norwin

2 pm The Senate Team will inspect the intersection of Drayton and Owen Streets in Dalby
6 pm Q&A Function, Tobruk Room, Kingaroy RSL Club


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