Senate Condemns Teacher’s Union Dirty Work in Schools

The Senate today voted in favour of a motion calling on the Queensland Teacher’s union to desist from its plan to circulate Eureka Flags to schoolchildren, inside classrooms, at the request of the CFMEU.

 The motion, moved by Queensland LNP Senator Ian Macdonald and endorsed by a clear majority of Senators, expressed disgust at the Union’s attempts to politically influence students.

 “This is a clear breach of the community’s expectations,” said Senator Macdonald.

 “There is just no justification for politicising the classroom.”

 “Teachers, like anyone, are entitled to hold whatever political view they want. But they are not entitled to impose that view upon unsuspecting innocent students.”

 The motion, endorsed in the Senate today, notes the long-observed practice of not introducing political bias into classrooms.

 “But apparently this practice is only observed in Queensland by the LNP.

 “When I moved the motion today, Queensland Labor Senator Chisholm got up and tried to defend the behaviour of teachers who introduce union-backed and politically oriented materials into the classroom, saying that teachers have always done such things.”

 “I think that parents across Queensland will be glad to know what has been going on behind their backs in classrooms across the state.”

 “The Labor Party clearly sees the Queensland Teachers Union as little more than a subsidiary of the CFMEU.”

 “As expected, Labor and the Greens Political Party voted against the motion as they are obviously the beneficiaries of the politicisation.”

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