Rudd plays catch-up in the north

Coalition spokesman on Northern Australia, Senator the Hon Ian Macdonald, welcomed the new-found interest by Kevin Rudd in Northern Australia.

Senator Macdonald said that while he would welcome any positive news, Mr Rudds past performances show that Mr Rudds promises are never delivered or kept.

So Im not getting too excited at this moment, Senator Macdonald said.

Almost two months ago Tony Abbott announced our Plan for Northern Australia which committed an incoming Coalition government to real action in the North

.Most of what Mr Rudd announced copies what I have been saying for the last three years. He is just playing catch-up because he sees an advantage in the Coalitions policies.

It is good to see the Labor party at least paying lip service to the north, and vindicating the Coalitions widely publicised Plan for Northern Australia, Senator Macdonald said.

Labors entirely un-costed plan announced by Mr Rudd is just policy on-the-run.

Of course northern Australias most significant industry has been decimated by the decision of Mr Rudds Labor government to ban live cattle exports to Indonesia.

If Mr Rudd is serious about developing the north of Australia, he should first apologise to all those involved in the northern beef cattle trade.

He then should indicate what his government is doing to make amends for the financial and social destruction that Labor has wrought on Northern Australians.


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