Round Four Green Army Information Sessions

Applications for Round Four Green Army projects are opening soon and the federal Government will be holding information sessions across the nation to provide details on how groups can apply to participate.

 The Green Army programme encourages practical action that supports local environment and conservation projects across Australia, and provides training to thousands of young Australians.

 Northern Senator Ian Macdonald has urged local organisations in Kennedy to get involved and, if they able, to attend the information session where representatives from the Department of the Environment will be available to answer questions.

 “Right across Australia, the Green Army is making a real difference to the environment and to local communities by restoring and protecting habitat, restoring cultural heritage, and better preparing young people to participate in the economy” Senator Macdonald said.

 “While the development of Northern Australia is very much on the Government’s mind, it is important to ensure that the environment, and natural and cultural heritage, nare supported and the Green Army project does just that,” Senator Macdonald said.

 The Green Army is a major Government commitment with more than $700 million budgeted over four years.

 More than 700 projects have been announced since the programme commenced in 2014 with more than 330 projects already rolled out across Australia.

 “Round Four of the Green Army will consist of two streams. Stream 1 will focus on heritage projects that promote, protect and conserve Australia’s National and World Heritage sites that are listed for natural, historic or Indigenous values.

 “Stream 2 will focus on projects that directly support the protection and recovery of threatened species, particularly actions for improving habitat.

 “There will also be a focus on projects that address threats to the Great Barrier Reef,’ the Senator said.

 “I encourage local community groups and any other interested parties to come along and find out more about the Green Army,” Senator Macdonald said.

 An information session for project hosts will be held in at the Townsville Yacht Club in South Townsville from 10am – Noon on Friday August 21.

 Further information about hosting projects or participating in the Green Army and the full schedule of information sessions can be found online at

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