Resources valuable contribution to the north recognised

The Senate today adopted a motion of Northern-based Government Senator Ian Macdonald, acknowledging the important contribution the resource industry has made to the north’s economy.

Senator Macdonald said the resource industry, which contributed nearly $3billion in gross regional product in 2015-16, had made a significant contribution to the Herbert and Kennedy electorates which together account for a large part of the North Queensland economy.

“Despite the often unwarranted criticism from overseas funded environmental groups and the Greens, the resource sector is of immense value to our regional economy,” Senator Macdonald said.

Senator Macdonald said the statistics showed the north was punching well above its weight thanks to the contribution of the resources sector.

In 2015-2016 the resources industry:

  • Contributed $2.97billion in gross regional product in the electorates of Herbert and Kennedy
  • Paid $673milion in wages to 5053 full time employees in these electorates
  • Spent $952milion on local goods and services
  • Made contributions benefitting 151 community organisations in these areas

“Like agriculture, the resource sector is of immense value to regional economies, particularly across Northern Australia, and I congratulate this Government for its continued support of this economically, socially and environmentally responsible industry. 

“I am pleased the Senate has recognised this contribution, in its support today of my motion." 

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