Report applauds White Paper progress

One year after the release of the Our North, Our Future: White Paper on Developing Northern Australia, nearly 70% of the commitments in the White Paper have been put into action or completed.


The Northern Australia White Paper Implementation Oversight Committee, created the same day the Northern White Paper was released (June 17, 2015),  has today presented its first Annual Report to the Prime Minister detailing the progress of the Northern Australia White Paper.


Chair of the Committee, Northern Australian Government Senator Ian Macdonald, said the Committee is pleased to be reporting such outstanding progress on Northern Australian development.


“The Oversight Committee identified 102 White Paper commitments and of these, seventy (70) are now in progress or have already been completed,” Senator Macdonald said.


“The Committee was tasked with over-sighting the implementation of the commitments in the White Paper, and across every portfolio the enthusiasm for Northern development has been matched by concrete action.”


Senator Macdonald said in the space of 12 months large-scale infrastructure programs have commenced, feasibility studies for water storages have begun, world-leading tropical health and science institutes have progressed, regulation of major projects has been streamlined, and regional trade barriers have been overcome.


 “And this is to name just a few of the achievements.”


The Committee membership comprises Government Members of the House of Representatives whose electorates are in, or include, Northern Australia, as well as a number of Senators from Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.


“The benefits to the nation of developing Northern Australia are clear to everyone,” said Senator Macdonald.


“The Committee and I are simply delighted to see these benefits becoming reality.


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