Real deals with Indonesia need a change of government

There is no substitute for government-to-government negotiations with Indonesia to solve the current crisis in the cattle industry, according to Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition Spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia.

"No amount of grandstanding and wearing silly hatswith the Indonesian ambassador by the Member for Kennedy will achieve any lasting resolution for Northern cattle producers, Senator Macdonald said.

"Only the government of the day can negotiate with foreign governments and the Gillard government has shown itself incapable of doing that.

The Queensland government has made a real breakthrough with Minister McVeighs visit but it does need a proactive and emphatic Federal government to cement the deals at a national level.

We must hope for a change of government on September 14 so the Coalition can take immediate action to work with Indonesia to sort the whole mess out.

Tony Abbott has already committed to his first overseas visit being to Indonesia.

Thats where there will be real progress with re-starting the cattle trade and stopping the boats, Senator Macdonald said.

Senator Macdonald said the people of Kennedy had a clear choice. Elect Noeline Ikin as an insider within a Coalition government or waste a vote on a Labor candidate or an independent.

It is vital, after so many years of mismanagement and dysfunction, that we return the country to stability and prosperity and the only way to be sure of this is to elect a Coalition government.

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