Queensland Senator welcomes Port Moresby win

The awarding of the 2018 APEC leaders summit to Port Moresby was welcomed today by North Queensland based government Senator Ian Macdonald.

Senator Macdonald said the ties between North Queensland and PNG were strong and he looked forward to the region being involved in the challenge.

Cairns, Townsville and Port Moresby have long had a strong and viable partnership so the 2018 APEC summit in Port Moresby is not just a coup for PNG, but an opportunity for North Queensland to become involved, Senator Macdonald said.

While PNG and Port Moresby have come a long way, they will still need our help to plan the hosting of such a major event for our region.

Senator Macdonald said he expected that North Queensland businesses would become involved in the preparation and staging, including building the infrastructure needed for the event, and said he had approached Foreign Minister, Mrs Julie Bishop, to see what assistance the government could supply.

An event of this kind, hosting the leaders of the APEC countries which account for nearly half the worlds trade, requires a huge logistical input to ensure the capacity is there to provide everything that is needed.

I would hope that both State and Federal governments as well as commercial firms will be able to provide a significant input into its success.

This is an opportunity for North Queensland to be part of a wonderful showcase of the opportunities available in PNG and Northern Australia.

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