Queensland Friendship Group Convened

A group of Queensland’s parliamentarians have recently convened a new Federal Parliamentarians Friendship Group called the Parliamentary Friends of Queensland.

Queensland Senator Ian Macdonald said the group was established to promote all things Queensland.

“Christmas is a time to celebrate what brings us together.

“And I can think of no better thing to celebrate than the fact that we are all proud Queenslanders,” he said.

The Friendship group has been co-convened by Queensland Members of the House of Representatives Michelle Landry MP (Capricornia) and Warren Entsch MP (Leichhardt).

“Along with Michelle and Warren, I will be inviting all Queensland MPs and Senators to join the group.

“We will meet on an ad hoc basis, hear from prominent Queenslanders and promote Queensland jobs, industries, innovation and people in the Federal Parliament.

Senator Macdonald said that he hopes guest Speakers like the Premier, the Opposition Leader and other prominent Queensland Cultural and Sporting figures will join the Friendship Group in Parliament House to celebrate Queensland.

The Senator said that the Friendship Group would also be an opportunity to showcase Queensland’s wonderful produce, its cultural and sporting heroes and its wonderful tourism and natural resources.

“We will also be highlighting how Queensland contributes as one of Australia’s powerhouse economies.

“We have invited the Queensland Premier and Opposition Leader to be respectively the Patron and Vice Patron of the Group,” said Senator Macdonald.

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