Promises, promises, promises

Friday, 11th May 2018

Promises, promises, promises

Labor’s Bill Shorten has proved yet again just how disastrous his leadership would be for North Queenslanders, with his Budget Reply speech full of empty uncosted promises and a splatter gun approach to spending that would send our nation backwards for decades to come.

Northern based Federal Government Senator Ian Macdonald said Mr Shorten is the ultimate hypocrite.

“We hear a lot of hot air around jobs and job creation but who can forget that this is the same man who threatened to kill off thousands of North Queensland mining jobs when he opposed Adani to fight the Greens in a Melbourne by-election,” Senator Macdonald said.

“Labor has turned its back on blue collar workers in rural and regional Queensland. Mr Shorten’s promises aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

“We’ve heard Cathy O’Toole and Mr Shorten tell us for several years what they’ve “delivered for Townsville”, yet we all know that they have delivered precisely nothing. I challenge anyone to nominate anything that Bill Shorten or Cathy O’Toole have delivered.

“Labor simply cannot be trusted when it comes to balancing the books. Wayne Swan promised a Budget surplus year after year yet not once did he deliver it. In contrast the Coalition has shown how it has reduced Wayne Swan’s deficit and will in two years be in surplus.

“We have a Labor Leader who is willing to do and say anything in his desperate bid for power but we know that actions speak far greater than words.

“You only need to look at this week’s Citizenship debacle to see that Mr Shorten will stop at no lie and has no care about the ultimate cost of that lie to Australians.”

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