Parliament Recognises Cowboys

The Senate today resolved to note the North Queensland Cowboys’ historic maiden Grand Final win and recognise co-captain Johnathon Thurston for his individual achievement.

 A motion was moved by North Queensland Senators Ian Macdonald and Jan McLucas and was carried unanimously by all Senators.

 The motion reads:

 That the Senate:

 (a) notes that the North Queensland Cowboys Rugby League Team won its first ever National Rugby League Grand Final;

 (b) congratulates Cowboys co-captain Johnathon Thurston on:

 (i) his leadership,

 (ii) his award of a record fourth Dally M Player of the Year Medal, and

 (iii) winning the Clive Churchill Player of the Grand Final Medal and the Provan Summons Fans Choice Medal as the Best Player of the Year; and

 (c) urges the Government to continue to support excellence in sport and the identification of role models.

 Senator Macdonald said that the win, and Johnathon Thurston’s leadership, were a source of pride across the length and breadth of the north.

 “I was delighted to be joined by Senator McLucas in moving the motion, and pleased see cross-party support from all Senators – even those whose allegiance was to the Broncos!

 “Many Senators from southern states who barely understood Rugby League were happy to acknowledge leadership and brilliance on the sporting field and could recognise an exhilarating game of sport that was a nail-biter until the last kick,” Senator Macdonald said.

 “If it were possible I would have nominate Johnathon Thurston and co-captain Matt Scott and the whole team as honorary Senators but unfortunately this is not allowed under the Senate rules.

 “The role model provided by this team of genuine sportsmen perhaps does more for the development of young people than all the parliaments in the world put together.

 “The team is a credit to humanity, to Australia and particularly to the north,” Senator Macdonald said.

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