Palm Island Festival Shows Youth Culture Is Thriving: Macdonald

The Bwgcolman Youth Festival: Many Tribes. One People is being held on Palm Island from three days from today September 3rd2015..

 The Festival is being staged by the Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council and the Palm Island Youth Council.

 Townsville –based Government Senator Ian Macdonald attended the Festival today and delivered a personal message from the Prime Minister.

 “I was delighted to be back on Palm today to experience the Youth Festival which is being held for the young people on Palm Island by the young people on Palm Island.

 The festival is a key component of the Palm Island Youth Strategy which has been developed around the principles of creating engagement with government, service providers and industry. The festival events will focus on creating safe spaces where the island’s youth community can thrive.

 “The core objective of the Strategy is to ensure that the needs of young people – and the communities in which they live and grow - are factored into decision-making processes.

 “During the festival Palm Island youth will be exploring themes that they have identified as important to them and their future. These include leadership, education, health and well-being, culture, sport, communications and music.

 Senator Macdonald said that the festival would focus attention and effort on providing better outcomes for young people on Palm Island - an objective that is shared by the commonwealth government.

 “The Prime Minister’s personal message to the festival expressed the Australian government’s commitment to fostering a better future for Indigenous communities, and for all young Australians.”

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