Only a week left to have your say

Farmers across Northern Australia are urged to make a submission to the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, said North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald today.

Submissions close next week, so those who have not yet made a submission dont have much time left to put their ideas in front of the taskforce for consideration, Senator Macdonald said.

Nobody knows what is needed for agriculture in Northern Australia like the farmers who live and work there.

They are the people with a workable vision for the future and the taskforce needs to hear their views before making any decisions.

When we are talking about the future of agriculture in Northern Australia, the views and ideas of those who will make that future a reality must be heard.

Senator Macdonald said that although the white paper task force had travelled the nation, meeting in 33 places to talk to people face-to face about the opportunities and challenges ahead it was still important to make written submissions.

For those who didnt have the opportunity to meet the task force on its peregrinations, it is important to make a written submission to ensure that your views and ideas are not overlooked, he said.

Australia's agriculture sector is an important contributor to the Australian economy and each year our farmers produce around $50 billion worth of food and fibre, and exports are valued at almost $40 billion.

To make a submission please CLICK HERE

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