Northerner elected first to Senate

North Queensland based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has been the first elected as a Senator for Queensland following Saturdays election.

Senator Macdonald, who led the LNP ticket, said he was delighted that two of his team James McGrath and Matt Canavan had also been elected.

We were hoping for a fourth Senator but tight preference deals between minor parties has meant that the fourth seat may go to a Palmer candidate.

Labor will lose a Senator and end up with just two Queensland Senators. Luckily for Australia, the Greens have failed again. And Mr Katters party has failed miserably in the poll.

I congratulate my northern colleagues in the Lower House, George Christensen in Dawson, Ewen Jones in Herbert, and Warren Entsch in Leichhardt, all of whom had comfortable wins reflecting the hard work they have done over the last three years and their part in a united, cohesive team.

I am especially proud of our Kennedy candidate Noeline Ikin who has had a 17 per cent swing against the sitting member, Bob Katter, in Kennedy. Ms Ikin has outpolled Mr Katter by some 7500 votes at close of counting on Saturday night, but it seems Mr Katter could win the seat on Labor preferences.

The preference deal he did with Labor in the Senate and marginal LNP seats did nothing to help his party which failed miserably across Australia but it did pay dividends for Mr Katter himself in the flow of Labor preferences to help him in his own seat. Labor has saved him.

Ms Ikin has campaigned brilliantly and is clearly the choice of the majority of Kennedy voters.

I look forward to continuing my work for northern Australia in the Senate for the next six years, Senator Macdonald said.

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