Northern Territory needs representation in the Senate

Territory voters have been reminded that they have two votes to cast tomorrow in the nations general election.

Opposition Spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia, Senator Ian Macdonald, said that while attention was often focused on the House of Representative seats, voting in the Senate was equally important.

Should the Coalition win the election in the House of Representatives and form the next government, it is vital the new government has a Senate it can work with, Senator Macdonald said.

So as well as voting for Natasha Griggs and Tina McFarlane in the Lower House it is important to follow that through with a vote for Senator Nigel Scullion and Linda Fazldeen in the Senate.

For Tony Abbott to abolish the carbon tax he needs legislation passed in the Senate as well as the House of Representatives.

The Coalition is the only party which has a Plan and a Vision for Northern Australia and the only way to make this vision a reality is to vote for the CLP team in the Northern Territory.

Senator Macdonald said that if voters wanted to abolish the carbon tax and the mining tax, and get rid of the red tape and bureaucracy currently strangling small businesses in the Territory, then a vote for the CLP in the Senate was imperative.

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