Northern Roads Reap $6.5 million Funding Boost

More than $7.6 million in roads funding has today been distributed to Councils in North Queensland as part of $100million quarterly Roads to Recovery payment.

Northern-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald said the funding, provided for local roads maintenance, would be used for projects determined by the Councils themselves.

Twenty-one councils across the district will share in $6,561,560.00 in funding in this round of payments:

Aurukun Council                                                    $  89,092.00

Boulia Shire Council                                             $621,295.00

Burke Shire Council                                              $  45,000.00

Cairns Regional Council                                      $653,130.00

Carpentaria Shire Council                                   $136,245.00

Charters Towers Regional Council                       $806,695.00

Cloncurry Shire Council                                      $484,826.00

Cook Shire Council                                               $410,000.00

Croydon Shire Council                                         $200,001.00

Douglas Shire Council                                         $330,000.00

Flinders Shire Council                                          $557,110.00

Hinchinbrook Shire Council                               $  50,300.00

Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council              $137,538.00

Mackay Regional Council                                    $678,000.00

Mareeba Shire Council                                         $325,172.00

McKinlay Shire Council                                        $       604.00

Mornington Shire Council                                   $115,686.00

Palm Island Aboriginal Council                          $236,499.00

Richmond Shire Council                                      $425,000.00

Tablelands Regional Council                             $105,694.00

Torres Shire Council                                             $153,673.00

“These funds will be used by these Councils on local projects they have nominated for repair or upgrade, ensuring the money is spent where it’s needed most,” Senator Macdonald said.

Senator Macdonald said the 2016 Budget extended the Roads to Recovery Programme, providing an extra $50 million per annum from 2019-20 onwards, bringing the annual commitment to $400 million.

“Roads To Recovery is one of the federal government programs that all councils love. The money goes direct from the Commonwealth to local governments cutting out the middle man, the state governments, who always find a way to skim something off grants to local government that pass through state hands.”

Between 2014-15 and 2018-19, the Australia Government will distribute $3.2billion to councils nationwide through the Roads to Recovery programme to support local roads maintenance and safety projects. So far, the funds have been used to repair and upgrade more than 53,500 road sites across the country.

Senator Macdonald said that every local council received Roads to Recovery funding under commitments made in the May 2016 Budget.

 “Payments are made quarterly and because of project timings and reporting mechanisms not every council receives an allocation in every quarter.”

Senator Macdonald said that the full annual allocation for every council was available via the department’s website at:


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