Northern Communities Benefiting From Better Roads

Communities in the top of Cape York were a hive of tourist activity according to a Federal politician who has just visited the area.

Senator Ian Macdonald, an LNP Senator based in Townsville, said that his driving trip to the tip of Cape York demonstrated the benefit of increased funding for the Peninsula Development Road.

“Everywhere I went on the drive people were telling me this was the best tourist season they had had for some time” he said.

“There is still a lot to be done but funding by the Queensland and Federal Governments, and work done by the Cook Shire Council and Northern Peninsula Authority, have made the trip to the top of Australia much more accessible.”

The $260 million package recently announced by the Queensland and Commonwealth governments will go a long way to improving infrastructure not only along the main road but at various communities in the Cape that have been wanting assistance for some time.

“I congratulate my Federal colleague Warren Entsch and the State member David Kempton on their wonderful advocacy work for the Cape which has resulted in this new funding package”

“I have not been to Bamaga for a number of years now and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the progress being made in the five communities at the top of Australia.”

“On my trip people raised with me concerns that some of them had with the schooling system on the Cape and also staffing at hospitals.”

“I will be working with David Kempton to try to improve the dialysis service in Bamaga which is so important to so many people in that community.”

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