Northern businesses to ‘trailblaze’ export market, says Senator

Northern based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald is encouraging businesses across the north to become trailblazers in the nation’s booming export market.

Senator Macdonald said that with the help of a new FTA Portal, small to medium businesses in the north are well placed to take advantage of Australia’s free trade agreements with the Asian powerhouse economies of China, Japan and South Korea.

The Government this week launched a website that gives advice and help to small businesses on how to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreements.

“Our proximity gives Northern Australia a distinct advantage when it comes to doing business with our closest trading partners, and the new FTA Portal gives business owners the tools and knowledge to make it happen,” Senator Macdonald said.

“As I travel across the North, I am constantly amazed by the number of innovative, award winning businesses carving out new and niche markets for themselves.

“I encourage businesses across the north to harness the potential of these new export markets and utilise the new FTA Portal to learn what they need to know about trade with Asia,” Senator Macdonald said.

The FTA Portal provides free and accurate information on tariffs so that businesses can determine how price competitive they will be, as well as Australian and international trade data and an innovative step-by-step system to help them assess whether their product is likely to meet the requirements of the agreements.

The FTA Portal is at

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