Northern-based senator sworn in to parliament for fifth term

North Queensland-based Senator Ian Macdonald will today (SUBS: Monday, July 7) be sworn in as an Australian Senator for his fifth six-year term.

“Today marks the fifth occasion that I have been sworn in to represent the people of Queensland and the Liberal National Party in the Parliament of Australia in the Senate,” Senator Macdonald said.

“It is a singular honour to represent Queensland and I thank the people of this great State for again giving me this opportunity.

“I am delighted that on each occasion since 1996, I have been the first from my State to sign the Roll of Senators, because I and the Liberal party in Queensland received more votes than any other party at the polls.

“I congratulate all Senators being sworn in today but particularly my running mates on the LNP ticket in Queensland, James McGrath and Matt Canavan.  These two Senators will be wonderful representatives for their Queensland constituents and I know will make their mark in the Senate,” he said.

“We campaigned long and hard as a team in Queensland. It was a pleasure to work with these two and they deserve their success.

“I acknowledge the other members of our team – David Goodwin, Teresa Craig and Amanda Stoker – whose dedication and effort contributed substantially to our success in Queensland where the LNP outperformed every other Coalition and other party team in Australia at the election.

“And I might say that the leaders of the Liberal and National Parties would be well advised to note our success in Queensland,  achieved in part because we did as usual, have a specific Senate campaign in Queensland, separate from, but complementary to, the campaign for Lower house seats,” said Senator Macdonald.

“I acknowledge the efforts of so many members of the LNP that ensured our success and particularly I thank my wife Lesley and my staff for their encouragement and active support in the campaign.

“I am humbled that over 10,000 Queenslanders chose to go through the arduous task of filling in all 82 squares on the Senate ballot paper to give me the highest personal vote of any Coalition Senator or Senate candidate across Australia at the last election.

“It is interesting to note that before preferences were allocated, the Queensland LNP Senate team had 2.89 quotas, followed by Victoria with 2.8 quotas, Tasmania with 2.62, WA with 2.59 (after the re-election and including the NP vote),  NSW with  2.39 and SA had 1.92 quotas,” he said.

“Across the board, the Queensland result was an important element in the election of the Abbott Government.

“In my next 6 years in the Senate I will continue to dedicate myself to the interests of the people of Queensland and the principles, aims and philosophy of the Liberal National Party of Queensland.

“I will also continue to advocate for the development of Northern Australia, something I dedicated myself to in my Maiden Speech back in 1990,” said Senator Macdonald.

“I promise to do all in my power in my next period in Parliament to make sure a serious start is made to the development of the North. Why?  Because it is only by developing our resources that we can deliver a better standard of living to all Australians; this will allow us to really help the disadvantaged in our country.

“The opportunities that abound in the North can provide that wealth for the benefit of all Australians.

“As a leading democracy in the Tropic Zone, a wealthy Australia can and must also use its good fortune, resources and expertise in the North to benefit those we can help in our region,” he said.

Senator Macdonald has led the Liberal Party and the LNP team at each election since 1990 and is one of just two of Queensland’s 12 Senators based in the North of the State.

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