Northern Australia Swimming in Aquaculture Opportunities

Aquaculture has a bright future in the north according to a member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Northern Australian who yesterday toured aquaculture facilities in the north of Western Australia 

“Western Australia may still have some way to go to catch up with Queensland and the Northern Territory in terms of aquaculture volume, but what we have seen today proves that there is great scope right across the north, including Western Australia.

"I am of course very proud of what has happened in Queensland over the years,” said the Senator, referring to the thriving farmed fish and prawn industries across the state.

“And I pay tribute to the vision, energy, enthusiasm and courage of those who have developed the industry in North Queensland, and to those pioneers who are creating new opportunities across the north and into Western Australia,” he said.

The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Northern Australian hearings in Western Australia have, however, confirmed Senator Macdonald’s belief  that there is far too much regulation and red-tape getting in the way of helping young Australian businesses to prosper.

“All this environmental obstructionism just prevents appropriate and meaningful investment in the industry.

“The visit to the Willie Creek Pearls and Clipper Pearls farms and tourism facilities showed that private investment can get real results, but it does need governments and radical green groups to get out of the way,” said Senator Macdonald.

“With the burgeoning middle classes in Asia all wanting clean and green Australian seafood there are boundless opportunities and we have to make certain that Australian producers are not missing out.

“What northern business needs today is less red tape, less intervention from obstructive environmental groups, and a more positive attitude towards providing jobs and export wealth for Northern Australia,” said Senator Macdonald.

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