North’s campaign to Dob in a Dealer

A new million dollar partnership between the Coalition Government and Crime Stoppers Australia will help address growing concerns in the local community over the scourge of the ice epidemic.

Northern-based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald said the Dob in a Dealer campaign will give members of the public an opportunity to help tackle issues of the manufacture and distribution of the illegal drug in local communities 

“It’s not only those individuals and their families that are directly affected by this deadly scourge in our communities,” Senator Macdonald said.

“It’s also heavily impacting on our frontline services – those emergency service personnel and medical professionals in emergency departments who are forced to deal with its ugly aftermath.

“Many young people in the North have also spoken to me about how the incidence of methamphetamines and ice has put an element of uneasiness into some of their normal social activities. The impact of these drugs also figure prominently in community surveys I have conducted.”

“They are all unwilling victims of the ice epidemic, which will need a widespread approach to combat.  

“I welcome this latest initiative which provides an opportunity for communities to have input and a level of responsibility as part of a much broader national approach to the issue.”

“Unlike the Greens party, whose solution to the ice-scourge in our communities is to legalise it, the Federal Coalition Government is committed to stamping it out by targeting those who manufacture it and sell it on the streets.” 

“Its deadly effects aren’t limited to only those who fall prey to unscrupulous dealers - its poisonous tentacles attack the very fabric of our communities, and we can all play a part in helping to stop it in its tracks.”

The Commonwealth Government will provide $1million to fund the national Dob in a Dealer campaign to raise the awareness of methamphetamine, or ice, and encourage local communities to contact Crime Stoppers to help tackle the issue.

The National Ice Taskforce Final Report, delivered in December 2016, identified that the most important strategies to protect the nation from this devastating drug and the violence it causes is to disrupt supply and demand.

If you have information about someone who is manufacturing or dealing in ice, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at

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