New Projects to Benefit North Australia

North Queensland based LNP Senator, Ian Macdonald, has welcomed the announcement of five new projects being supported with funding through the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia.


Senator Macdonald, the only Senator based in North Queensland, has been a long term advocate for the development of Northern Australia and said he was delighted to see the LNPs Northern Australia White paper delivering results.


“It’s been several years in the making, through the green and white paper process, the establishment of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility and the CRC, but we are now seeing the benefits of that work” said Senator Macdonald.

“This $1.6 million in funding from the CRC, which is based in Townsville, will leverage other funding and in-kind support, such that these five projects represent an almost $4 million investment into Northern Australia” he said.


Senator Macdonald said the projects included:


  • Building horticulture production knowledge and capacity within indigenous enterprises, led by peak horticulture industry body, Growcom,
  • Diversifying the framework for the delivery of land development services, led by the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance,
  • Building the links between traditional owner led enterprises involved in bush products with global supply chains, led by the CSIRO,
  • Establishing eye screening services to prevent avoidable blindness in remote Northern Australia, led by the CSIRO, and
  • Evaluating the potential to expand horticultural industries in Northern Australia, led by the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.


Senator Macdonald said he was pleased to see the variety of projects attracting support through the CRC, including indigenous, agriculture and rural health projects, all of which are important to the development of Northern Australia.


“The Federal LNP Government has been making a big contribution to the development of Northern Australia, in the form of investments through our Beef Roads program and funding that has been announced through the NAIF”.


“These are the sort of worthwhile projects Phillip Thompson and Frank Beveridge will be able to champion and deliver if they are successful as the LNP candidates for Herbert and Kennedy respectively, at the coming federal election”.     

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